Wednesday, May 26, 2010

In late May I was in NYC for an important book event. But first an excellent vegetarian Indian meal with friends at Vatan on 3rd Avenue at 28th Street. Then a thought-provoking and entertainment Broadway show: "Next to Normal." Wow, not what I expected from a musical. Rather dark. But outstanding.

The day of my two minute presentation to the Jewish Book Council at their "Meet the Authors" event, there was a parade for Israel marching through Manhattan. The council had warned us that transportation might be tricky. So there I was in my pretty dress and high (for me) -heeled shoes, hailing a taxi. The first driver said "no way." Then the second. I began to panic. This was what I'd come for. This was my moment! And now I might miss it? "No way!" As luck would have it, a muscular young man from West Africa appeared on a bicycle, toting his rickshaw behind him. I climbed in. It was a good long distance from 59th and 8th up to the Park Ave. Synagogue at 87th Street. I was seriously wind-blown and $40 poorer when I got there. But I made it! And I didn't flub my two minute shpiel either.